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Nikhil Yadav

Product Designer

I am an IITian turned self-taught Product Designer. I have been designing for 3 years and worked on a spectrum of products. I am passionate about solving new challenges, facilitating design education and guiding my juniors interested in design.Know more


Cosmos- Designing MVP for Indiez

Product Design, Frontend Development

ZestMoney Merchant Page Redesign

Web Design

Discussion Feature

User Research, Concept Design

Hachi "How it works" Redesign

Web Design


Summarizing my 2 year Design story

Story about my journey

It's been 2 years in Design. I have tried to summarize my 2-year design story. I have noted down all the experiences and lessons learned during this journey.

Isolated Design


During the initial phase, designers usually stumble upon the idea of designing the product alone, see the results and try to escape from the feedback. If you have done that, you may have found that the designs do not produce desirable results.


Get in Touch

If you have a project that you want to get started, think you need my help with something or just want to have a cup of coffee with me, then drop me a mail at yadavnikhil012@gmail.com or click the button below.

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